When people first become Christians, they are on fire for God and are thirsty for knowledge of Him. Sometimes after some time that desire and close relationship with Him can become lukewarm.

Averie was in a dark place where anxiety, depression, and hanging around the wrong people affected her daily life. At 26 years old, she would wake up every morning feeling miserable—had no self-compassion, and inner turmoil was tearing her apart.

She was raised in a godly home with two loving parents and she remembers having everything she ever wanted growing up. Her mom was always involved at church or in other religious organizations, and often invited Averie to join her. She accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized when she was twelve years old. Shortly after, she tried out a junior high school ministry and did not feel welcome. Most of the girls at that church had known each other for a while and did not make her feel as though she fit in. This gave her a bad feeling towards church in general, and she decided that it was just not for her. As she got older she became less interested in attending church. However, she would go to Christmas and Easter services with her parents though, she still did not have the desire to get involved. Averie confided that she was thankful that her mom did not force her to attend each week and did not judge her for not going—instead her mom continued to invite Averie to church regularly.

A few months ago, Averie’s mom signed her up for a 10-week discipleship program at Compass Christian Church called Rooted. She told her mom that she did not want to go at least three different times, but finally agreed that she would give it a chance. At this point Averie knew she was missing something in her life and was not sure if she even believed that God was real. She was scared that everyone would be more knowledgeable about the Bible and was sure she would feel out of place. She truly felt uncomfortable going, yet still agreed to do it.

Averie started Rooted and quickly became friends with others in her group. She still had so many unanswered questions, but was learning more each week. She became excited to participate in the Prayer Experience. She convinced herself that after the Prayer Experience a life change would take place and all would be perfect. She felt sad and letdown when this expectation was crushed. When she confessed this to her Rooted group, she was pleasantly surprised when they did not judge her, but rather embraced her with kind words and love. Averie is grateful to be a part of this amazing group and now feels confident that they will always be there for each other.

Before Rooted, God did not cross her mind at all. Surprising herself, Averie actually wanted to do the program’s homework and now reads her Bible daily. She feels safe, secure, and more at peace in her life than she has in years. “She now has a renewed, enthusiastic, knowledge of her relationship with Jesus,” revealed her mother Carrie.

Averie’s Rooted group continued on to become a life group after the program concluded. “It is exciting to wake up every day and know that I have deep friendships that I have never had before.” Averie added, “There’s no other feeling than knowing when you are having a rough day that there is Someone there that has a plan for your whole life. You can talk to Him about anything! It is amazing how much more at peace I am. Rooted has honestly changed my life in all the best ways. Frankly, it is scary to think about where I would be if I would not have participated in the program.”

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